While I’m happy to get your mail and can answer your question, I’m not online every day, so might take a bit of time till I can answer. As soon as I have the possibility I do my best to answer all the mails.

In case you need an advice, please try to ask me exactly what you want to know, so I can give you really the right answer. If possible not like this: can you recommend a hotel in Dominican Republic? – not that straight to the point. For who, which are your preferences, how many stars, directly on the beach or not, where to be situated, big building or better small, cozy, etc.? As more exactly you know what you want to ask, as more I can give you the right answer.

I don’t have the an answer for every question, not even if I used to stay longer period in the country you are asking about, but I’m happy to share the experiences I had, all my knowledge.