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You know the feeling when talking with different people, suddenly everyone is looking at you like “what the hell are you talking about, how is that possible?” Well, that’s how I feel sometimes when talking with friends about cars. My car is the same since years (yes, it’s old and rusty but I still love the old American van), I’m working in tourism (or at least I used to, till the governments and the Covid together did not destroyed the whole industry), so how is possible that I know so many cars?! The answer is actually simple, I used to drive really a lot of cars. I was lucky enough to live in many countries and places during the last 8 years and to drive several cars in all those countries. Here just a few examples from this period.

I won’t start writing how everything started, that would be too long story. During the last years I was doing different health & safety controls in hotels, actually worldwide. Spending from few weeks till months in a country or island, then packing my stuff and flying to the next destination. I’m not even wondering when at the end of one of the last years I realized the amount of days I’ve been home were only 20 days. Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m actually thankful for all the trips I made, for all the places I could visit. Even if I had only one day off per week, I did my best to see as much as possible. During the week was working, driving to the hotels, doing my work, using another car in every destination while staying in different hotels and apartments.

Happened several times to finish my work at noon in a European destination, went to the airport, took the plane to some African country where I got my next car and went to the next hotel where I would stay for the next couple of weeks. Sometimes got really luxury hotels to stay in and sometimes dirty apartments from Mexico to Thailand. The same with the cars. Had big and powerful ones, but small, ones too. Sometimes with the same car what I got in Germany made 2 or 3 countries, sometimes while working on canary or Balearic Islands had another car on every island. Not going to show you now all the cars I had and all the hotels I stayed. I don’t want to be too boring. Here you will see just a few examples, however the article is longer than my previous ones. Just grab a beer or anything you like to drink, lay back and scroll through the pictures.

This Mazda 3 I had in the Dominican Republic. Was ok, but nothing special, just an average car.
Still Dominican Republic, one of the many Riu hotels where I used to stay several times. The room I had was ok, but went home only to sleep as the hotel is situated on the beach, so during the day better on the beach than in the room.
One of the apartments I had, still in the Dominican Republic. This one is called Cocotal Apartments, was really nice with spacious rooms, equipped kitchen, loved staying there.
Chevrolet Suburban, one of the cars I had in the Caribbean. I’m still in love with that car.
One of the hotels I stayed in Cancun, Mexico. Clean, nice rooms, good food, right on the beach…one of the first nice hotels my company booked for me. First few days was afraid someone will call me to say it’s a mistake, I cannot stay here.
Had to wake up soon as on Mallorca, one of the apartments I had to stay was so dirty, I could not move in. First went to buy all kind of cleaning staff and I moved in only the second day.
Opel Adam, fast and small, however enough for 2 people in bigger cities as due to its size easy to park on tiny spots.
My apartment on Menorca. nothing special but nice and clean in the middle of a forest, so there was always a pine smell in the air.
I had this Volkswagen Polo on Fuerteventura. Luckily the car had a bigger engine, so was ok to drive.
Still on one of the Canary Islands I had this hotel room. Don’t remember too much about, so I guess was nothing special, just one of the many “all are the same” rooms I stayed in.
Small Toyota Aygo, I had on Gran Canaria. Small engine, powerless car with hard plastic interior, not my fav at all.
Nice and fine, fully equipped apartment I had on Rhodes. Was a pleasure to stay here.
Just a Renault I had in Tunisia. French car, nothing special, big enough for me…or at least that’s what I taught.
Then went to petrol station and put fuel. Suddenly found out that the poor car does not support the full tank. F…ing French shit were the only words I had in my mind in that moment.
Another French car I had in Tunisia. Or Romanian because it’s a Dacia or actually the factory where the car was made is in Morocco. So where is this car’s “nationality”? 20 years ago I had Dacia but never thought that one day I will fly to the African continent, just to drive another Dacia.
One of my fav hotels in Hammamet, Tunisia. Nice, spacious rooms facing the beach, big terrace, good food, Mediterranean Sea just in front of the hotel. Loved staying there.
Still North – Africa, but this time Egypt. I got not only a room but a whole suite in one of the Jaz hotels. Nope, I still did not became a big fan of Egypt but the suite was nice.
The view from my window on Sicily. The apartment I had was not that special, but waking up every morning and having this view…priceless.
Giving back the Ford Fiesta, continuing with the Fiat Panda. Poor car, it’s not his fault that the Fiat made it so small. Driving the Panda was almost like a yoga session, due to the position I had to sit in the car.
The landscape around My Arbor hotel, South of Italy. Best hotel I stayed in that region.
Close to Lamezia, Italy, I was staying few weeks in this apartment. Was a nice and clean one, but to enter the shower had to sneak in the cabin. Imagine if someone has bigger butt or belly, how could enter the shower? Or erection…? LOL
The doors of my car could open definitely more than the shower cabin but I could not take shower in the car.
During my work in Austria and Germany, most of the time I stayed in this kind of gasthoff. Some were really luxury, some puritan, but mist of them were clean and comfortable.
During my 3 weeks stay in this hotel in Germany was no day without rain. Tried several times to take a sunny picture of the place but till I got home from work was raining every day.
Opel Insignia, big spacious, but heavy, so the fuel consumption was higher than I wanted. The GPS sometimes gave me interesting warnings…
…animals on the road. Well…show me one road where are no animals? Just some of them sitting behind the steering wheel.
A few nice girls would fit in this car for sure, unfortunately for none of them was this C max attractive. At least was really spacious for myself.
Sometimes I stayed in suites where only the balcony was the size of 2 average apartments.
Big terrace, small car. I had this Kia on Lanzarote. Nice car but nothing special to remember about.
Perhaps the dirtiest apartment I ever had to stay in. First two days was cleaning, then soaking everything I had to touch in water and bleach to disinfect. Nike apartments, Varna, Bulgaria.
At least I had this car with a 1.6 engine, powerful enough for the Ford Fiesta. Enjoyed driving.
Next time I went to Bulgaria my company booked for me a really spacious apartment in La Mer. I could not believe it’s for me! 2 bedrooms, living room, fully equipped kitchen, the best apartment ever I had.
Sometimes instead of car I got quad, like her on Boa Vista, Cape Verde. So much fun, riding such a vehicle on the sand dunes.
I had no car on Boa Vista, but instead I had a great view from my hotel room. Just an island and the endless Atlantic Ocean with amazing sunsets in the evening. Even if it’s just a simple hotel, the Ouril Agneda is still one of my favorite hotels.
Hotel Melia Dunas on Sal, Cape Verde. Situated on the beach, I had a huge suite here, unfortunately did not really used as most of my time I was working or just sitting in the warm sand, admiring the waves.
The living room of my suite. Have no idea which channels I had on TV, never turned on, there was nothing more beautiful could show me compared to the ocean just outside the building.
One of the many beautiful waves.
The apartment I had on Mauritius. Nice, clean, spacious with own pool. I would not ask for better conditions if it’s an apartment.
My car, one of the very few parked rears, a small Kia Picanto.
Still Mauritius, another place where I stayed, the view from my window. Pool, palm trees, ocean…If I enjoyed staying here? Is the pope catholic?
Khao Lak, Thailand. A small but nice bungalow in a big, green garden and a great Honda to drive to the hotels. No complains at all.
Had this Renault in Turkey. This time no fuel tank was leaking, unfortunately on the highway are a lot of cameras, so speeding can be a really expensive fun.
Belek, Turkey, hotel Magic Life. Friendly staff, tasty food, clean and spacious rooms, was nice staying here. Unfortunately, too many Russian tourists…yes, I know they are humans too, but why the hell the cannot behave?!
With an Ibiza on Ibiza, Balearic Islands. Volkswagen family, so everything is logic in the car, the engine was a bigger one, was lucky to have it.
Used only as passenger, but for someone like me who is a big fan of the old, “cubic” Volvo, was like a Christmas present.
Atlantic Ocean, sunset, cabrio…pure hedonism.

This is a small summarizing of the cars I had and places where I stayed during the last few years. Of course, there are a lot more, but did not wanted to be too boring, better just to give you an idea of how or actually where I lived. As you could see, some rooms were really nice, others dirty, but if I have to answer anytime the question “did you enjoyed?”, my answer is definitely “YESSS!”

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